Live Performances and Broadcast Productions with Augmented Reality

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e-book – Live Performances and Broadcast Productions with Augmented Reality
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Author: Thiemo Kastel

Published: 2017

e-book kindle Edition , DIN-A4, 338 Pages

ISBN e-book:  978-3-00-057722-2

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Media technology is becoming more and more important for live entertainment and television broadcast productions. In this research thesis the author examines what possibilities there are for creating new approaches to live performance in the entertainment and the television broadcast industry using Augmented Reality. The literature review shows that previous work in digital theatre was mainly based on researching the interaction possibilities with spectators. This previous research does not fully address the issue that Augmented Reality interfaces require spectators and actors to perform new and possibly embarrassing behaviours in live entertainment productions. In order to develop stories for interaction and to design interfaces for productions with Augmented Reality support, one needs to consider the user experience of the interactions created here. The goal of this research is to work creatively and technically.

Therefore, experts were interviewed and spectators completed a questionnaire to evaluate the ideas and needs of the professionals and audiences. In addition to philosophical approaches, which explain several scenarios for using Augmented Reality, the author developed two case studies. AR’istophanes – Mixed Reality Theatre is a demonstration of interactive theatre with audience interaction, based on Augmented Reality with optical see-through glasses. The case study Interactive Television with Augmented Reality is a live broadcast with Augmented Reality and smartphones. For these case studies, the author used the latest technologies available and explains how to use them for live entertainment productions.

This PhD thesis describes a number of novel contributions to the field of Augmented Reality for live entertainment productions. The most important contributions are applicable workflows and technical solutions for Augmented and Mixed Reality scenarios for live stage and broadcast productions in consideration of the existing limits. The solutions were tested in the field to verify that the workflows and technical solutions can perform as claimed in the thesis.

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